Friday, 13 March 2009


This week I visited Stratford and saw the Shakespeare houses. I visited four of them, but I was most impressed with Anne Hathaway's cottage. The cottage is outside of Stratford in a very peaceful area and the gardens are everything you would expect of the perfect cottage garden. I even bought some of the flowers for my mother which had been potted for people to take home.

There is now a woodland walk there new for 2009. I am going back in the summer when the flowers will be in full bloom. The Shakespeare houses in the town were fascinating as well, although there was much traffic and some crowds. I saw Shakespeare's birthplace and did a guided tour of the house, where I saw the glove making which was his father's profession. Most of the Shakespeare houses have interesting gardens with knot gardens and a wide variety of flowers. I also visited Holy Trinity Church and saw Shakespeare's grave. It would appear that Shakespeare has put a "curse" on his own grave, as there is a warning to those who would move his bones. I paid £1.50 to enter the part of the church where the grave is, at first I wasn't sure about paying money in a house of God, although in retrospect I feel reassured that this money is going towards the upkeep of the church in accordance with Shakespeare's wishes. Shakespeare's entire family, his wife and children, are buried inside the church.

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